Digital Real Estate: How To Build Digital Properties And Assets Online For Passive Impact And Income

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Digital Real Estate

Looking to create an online digital empire? This is not traditional Real Estate, but DIGITAL Real Estate. You DO NOT need a business OR license to get started.

Brother Ben X shares how he went from two 9 to 5 jobs to 6 figures a year ALL from Digital Real Estate. This is your blueprint to financial freedom.

Trust The Process

I guarantee this course is going to expand your sense of what's possible for your online business with Digital Real Estate. From basic principles to practical concepts and steps. I'm going to give you the tools and training needed for a 6-7 figure business."

— Brother BenX


Before you review our long history of results, we want you to be fully informed and know that this is not a push-button get rich quick scheme. We want people who want to work with us and invest time in creating REAL businesses.

We have an abundance of results BUT this should not be considered exact, actual, or as a promise of potential earnings. Our testimonials in no way reflect your results and are only to show the potential THE ABS INSTITUTE.

These are examples of results from students that completed the program. THEIR EXPERIENCES ARE NOT A GUARANTEE YOU WILL MAKE MONEY OR SUGGESTING YOU WILL EXPERIENCE THE SAME. Students that do not attempt or complete the program also have a 100% fail rate, so your results vary drastically on the work and effort you put in. This is why we provide a 30-day action based guarantee to allow you to make sure this program is for you.